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Join Us As a Merchant

We would like to introduce you to a great opportunity to sell your products through us on the daily deal website When you merchant, we offer you a free premium directory here. We are offering this free sign up promotion which expires on September 15th 2015. We will also put out banners throughout our website promoting your services for free.

Here is a quick guide on how you can start selling on NowPhuket.

Get Your Products Featured To The Masses
NowPhuket presents your product to masses of eager subscribers who actively search for useful, fun products and deals too awesome to resist. We introduce a stream of customers who are ready to try your product at your doorstep, The introduction offer can be limited to 1 product per person or more, its entirely up to you.

Move Your Product Faster
NowPhuket promotes your products to a massive audience of ready shoppers, We increase your brand’s acknowledgment and reputation while helping you move your products at record speed.

How Do I Join?
Its FREE, There are no signup frees, NowPhuket offers a great avenue for you to launch a deal on the site.
Where you can participate in our daily deal, where NowPhuket features your deal on our site and sends the information to local members.

Where will products be listed?
The product page of its category, NowPhuket selects the best deals of the day that fulfills the lowest cost offer subjected by NowPhuket. To make a special with us contact us here.

How will the order of the merchant offers list be determined?
Some of the factors that determine this order include competitive pricing, the number of sellers, ratings and history as a seller with NowPhuket.

How can products be moved to the top of the list?
The best way to move products up a list is to make sure that any items sold through NowPhuket are done so in a smooth and efficient way.
Quicker than this method is to either sell a popular product at a lower price or sell a product with less competition to start building credibility as a seller.

Our Rates?
Please contact our sales team here.

How can seller reviews be increased?
Merchants reviews cannot be solicited in exchange for money or reward. If the customer is provided a great experience from beginning to end, they will be more likely to leave a positive review on their own.

Ready to start selling?
To start selling your products with us you have to fillout a merchant form here, We will get back to you within 24 hours

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